Common Waters Partnership Goals

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The goals of the Common Waters Partnership are to:

  • Create a basin-wide community dedicated to working together.
  • Identify and protect areas deemed critical for water quality and identify the practices that best contribute to maintaining water quality.
  • Encourage cross-boundary collaboration by facilitating communication, information sharing, and partnerships.
  • Act as a regional information source for assembling educational outreach and scientific research materials to enhance the collective knowledge base and support objective decision making.
  • Increase public awareness of the status and trends of the region’s economy, community, and environment through the use of consistent data and information sharing.
  • Develop a political will to bring funding to the region and seek out sources of conservation and economic development funds.
  • Strengthen stakeholder capacity to address key issues.
  • Collaborate to incubate and promote initiatives that support and further the goals of Common Waters.
  • Document project successes and failures to better assist other communities.