About the Common Waters Fund

Healthy forests are imperative to clean drinking water. As an owner of forested land, you are critical to protecting the water quality of not only your neighbors but 15 million others who depend on the Delaware River for drinking water supplies. This exceptional water supply is a direct result of the abundant and healthy forests of the upper watershed— of what you do, how you care for your land, and what happens around you.

Long-term protection of these forest resources is critical, so the Common Waters Fund was established to provide landowners with incentives to maintain forest cover and improve forest health.

The Common Waters Fund will initially provide $1 million to private landowners and some conservation and forestry professionals to implement forest management and conservation projects in the Upper Delaware River watershed. The process is relatively simple, the application user friendly, and we’ve teamed up with regional forestry experts to help you in taking this most important step in protecting your land and all of our common water resources.

The Common Waters Fund principally depends on the generous contributions of services by its partners for its implementation. Initial funding has been financed by a generous grant from the United States Endowment for Forestry and Communities. The Common Waters Fund also accepts donations from individuals and hopes to attract more investors interested in protecting sources of drinking water in the future.