About the Common Waters Partnership

Common Waters is a regional partnership of public and non-profit organizations and agencies focused on supporting the development of sustainable communities and working landscapes in the Delaware River watershed upstream of the Delaware Water Gap. Its primary focus is providing good scientific information at a regional level and encouraging cross-boundary communication. The mission of the Common Waters Partnership is to conserve clean water, natural places, and working lands through cooperation, scientific research, education, and technical assistance by and for the stakeholders of the region. The partnership strives to facilitate information sharing through joint publications, shared web-delivery systems and establishment of a communications network across municipal, county, and state boundaries via regular forums and cooperative projects. Click here for more information about our goals.

Since its inception in 2007, the Common Waters Partnership has had many notable accomplishments.

The Common Waters Partnership is facilitated by the Pinchot Institute for Conservation.

The following organizations participate in the Common Waters Partnership and are assisting with implementation of the Common Waters Fund.

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